Altamas for Peace and Development Association

Altamas by definition is the extended areas that cover the border between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan, passing through south Darfur, south Kordufan and south Blue Nile of Sudan, in particular the area between south Kordufan of Sudan and North Bahar Elgazal of South Sudan. The civil war in Sudan which lasted more than thirty years, since 1983, has left negative effects in these areas, particularly social and economic issues. Thus, lots of efforts are needed to focus on peace and development, through promoting culture of peace and improving the quality of life. To achieve this goal, Altamas for Peace and Development Association was founded as the initiative from Canadian Sudanese descendant living in Alberta; to help people in need in Sudan as well as creating awareness among its member in Alberta on how to adjust with the Canadian cultures.


Altamas for Peace and Development Association (APDA) is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental association, registered in Alberta in 2006. It operate both locally (Canada) and oversea (Sudan). APDA aims to work toward peace building and poverty eradication in Altamas area of Sudan, as well as to provide capacity building and public engagement for its members in Alberta.


  • To provide community programs for its members in Alberta, Canada, through events, workshops and seminars, particularly targets Women, children and youth.
  • To initiated public engagements among its community in Alberta, and sensitized them to poverty alleviation in poor countries.
  • To assist peace building and development process through coordination with local, and international NGO’s.
  •  To facilitate peaceful co –existence between the tribes living in Altamas areas of Sudan, bring them in a joint community development projects.
  • To provide access to clean water, quality health, basic education and capacity building people in Altamas area, by taking in to accounts, Gender equality, Human rights, and sustainability.