Altamas Activities

Past Activities

  • Since its establishment in November8, 2006, Altamas for Peace and Development Association (APDA) has carried difference programs and services to its members in Alberta, Canada, and Altamas area of Sudan, such as workshop about the challenges of sustainable development and poverty eradication in Calgary on Nov 30, 2008. Also, Altamas organized Public engagement conference in Calgary on Oct 30, 2010, under the theme of coming together for the peace and development in Abyi area of Sudan, in search of Alternative solution. The conference was attended by more than hundred participants representing Altamas people in diaspora, as well as delegate from Canadian foreign Affair/ Sudan desk, and representative of CIDA in Calgary.


  •  In year 2011/2012 Altamas  held different activities for the community members such as outdoors picnic BBQ in Canada day 2011, Women awareness programs, Ramadan groups breakfast (If tar),youth sports, and children activities as well as peace building seminar in  Elm glad town in west Kordufan.


  • During the year 2012/2013 Altamas for peace and development Association carried different program activities locally and oversea such Children learning program,     Family day, feb17, 2013. Also, Altamas participated on Black History Month On Feb28, 2013, as a Night culture day organized by Intercultural Dialogue Institute. Altamas presented the culture of Nubba and Misserya in south Kordufan of Sudan.


  • In May, 2013 Altamas organized seminar in Calgary, about the role of civil society organizations in the sustainable development. In July, 13 and through the donation of its members Altamas implement small project in Sudan by paying school fees to some orphan in Alma ram Town. Furthermore, Altamas organized its Annual BBQ event for its member and the Sudanese community in general on August 24, 2013, at Edwarthy Park, in Calgary.


  • Finally, Altamas for peace and Development Association partner with Initiative for change Canada has organized   community trust building workshop on Nov9, 13, for the Sudanese community in Calgary. The aim of the workshop is to help the member’s community to found common ground to work together to build strong community

Future Activities

Future events will be posted.